I use a simple dog training rule with all my dogs and teach that same rule to my students. The rule is easy to implement and will exponentially improve your dog training success, help your dog learn faster and grow your dog’s confidence. It has everything to do with the rate of reinforcement and how to reward your dog to build good behavior. Only 2 in 30 people follow this rule, but we can get that number much higher after this episode!

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About the data I collected around success habits in dog training.
  • How dogs respond if the dog training is confusing for them.
  • The ratio of 2 of 30 people who create success with mindfulness.
  • Why to reduce the use of non-reward markers in dog training.
  • The reason to interrupt your dog when they get something right!
  • Why to believe your dog when they answer your dog training questions.
  • How to reward your dog in a behavior chain using fetch as an example.
  • An example of being 2 of 30 when you are training in dog agility.
  • Why a high rate of reinforcement increases your dog’s success and confidence.
  • How to ask your dog training questions and take action on the answers.
  • About Screw Up Cookies for dog training and why to use them.
  • How and when to reward your dog for what you love.