Have you ever thought to yourself, “I can’t wait until this dog calms down!”? Or maybe you are embarrassed by your dog’s behavior when you are walking, or your dog gets so over excited they can’t listen? Perhaps your dog barks, lunges, spins, nips, or ignores you near distractions? You might have an over aroused dog! We’re covering what that means and what you can do about your hyper dog to reduce anxiety for both of you and help your dog relax.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How to recognize over excitement in dogs and why any dog or puppy can appear to be out of control.
  • About your dog’s emotions, physiology and adrenaline rush.
  • How more exercise or no exercise might not be the answer to help your dog.
  • The four responses to frustration that we all experience, including our dogs, and how we can change.
  • How genetics, diet, age, experience, early training, type of training, and frustration response can create over the top dogs.
  • The reason to lower the perceived excitement value in any situation for your dog.
  • How we need to raise our dog’s responsiveness when excited, starting at home.
  • About recognizing your dog’s round holes if they are a square peg and being fair.
  • 10 steps you can take right now to help your hyper dog, including recognizing triggers.
  • Why your role to help your dog means that you need to be calm and how to create anchors to achieve that.
  • The reason to build yourself into your dog’s exercise, so it’s intentional, not mindless.
  • Why clarity will create confidence and confidence will create calm for your dog.

Tasty Treat Recipes for Your Dog:

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