When you feel emotional, are you at your best? Do you make good decisions? It’s the same for our dogs. We’re talking about the emotions dogs experience and what happens when a dog gets too emotional to respond.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • A story from my past that is still vivid about the fear that had me running.
  • What happens to our physiological system when we are afraid.
  • The emotional capabilities of dogs.
  • How dogs don't feel guilt or spite.
  • About the cycles of emotions our dogs experience.
  • The changes our dogs go through when they are afraid or overexcited.
  • What happen when dogs red line.
  • Why dogs can't listen when their emotions paralyze them.
  • How it's not up to us to decide what triggers fear.
  • What to do when your dog's emotions mean they cannot respond.
  • About T.A.R. (Too Aroused to Respond) and dogs.
  • Why to believe your dog so you can build a relationship of trust.