Are there times your dog just does not want to train? Or perhaps your dog is so distracted that you can’t get their focus on you or the training? The reason a dog will seem so obsessed with something that you can’t get their attention or does not seem motivated comes down to their emotional state. The good news is that you can help get your dog into the zone for peak performance, and when you rehearse success, it becomes easier and easier.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What Yerkes–Dodson Law means for dog training.
  • How emotional states go up and down based on stress.
  • Why not all stress is bad and why we need good stress.
  • About our emotional state and how the same applies to our dogs.
  • All the stages of arousal and how each state impacts our dog.
  • How focus narrows when stress goes up.
  • What over excitement does to us and our dogs.
  • Why dogs can’t hear us when they are over excited.
  • What we can do to help our dogs be in the zone.
  • How you can test your dog’s arousal state with a treat.
  • The importance of changing our dog’s physiology.
  • Why the bell curve changes for dogs with clarity through training.
  • How to train activities that help your dog get to peak performance.
  • Why not to train something important when your dog is over or under aroused.