Have you ever had disappointing results in your dog training, in sport, or life in general? One of the toughest things that any of us have to do is recover from disappointment. I’m joined by my friend, Olympic gold medallist Greg Louganis, for a conversation centred on overcoming disappointing results in sport as well as in life. Greg has been called both “the greatest American diver” and “probably the greatest diver in history”, but he is also one of the best experts on the recovery mindset.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How disappointment can impact our well-being.
  • What happened to Greg Louganis at the Olympics and how he recovered.
  • How we all feel scared.
  • Why we need time to process.
  • The reason to acknowledge how we feel.
  • How we all are not successful a lot of the time.
  • Inspiration gained from Frances Louganis.
  • Why to embrace the things in life that are meant for you.
  • How we all practice courage every day.
  • The importance of acknowledging effort.


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