If you've ever owned or seen a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, you know how heartbreaking that can be. I'm sharing a 10-step protocol that will turn the dog training world on its head because it's like nothing that is out there for separation anxiety help. It's the FRIDA Protocol created by two of my European students, who are amazing dog trainers, Nadine Hehli and Simone Fasel, to help their rescue dog Frida with her extreme separation anxiety. The protocol is now helping many more dogs, and I'm bringing you the steps to overcoming canine separation anxiety for our special 200th episode of Shaped by Dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • A case study of Nadine and Simone's rescue dog, Frida, who overcame severe separation anxiety.
  • Why typical approaches to separation anxiety don't work for extreme cases.
  • The 10 steps of the FRIDA Protocol to help dogs with separation anxiety.
  • What equipment you'll need to get started, including a snuffle mat and remote feeder.
  • The foundations for success with the FRIDA Protocol.
  • Why functional relaxation to create calm for dogs is a critical component.
  • Reminders about the body language of calm dogs vs. anxious dogs.
  • When and how to introduce remote feeders and WiFi cameras to work through separation anxiety.
  • How to begin fading in barriers that allow the dog freedom of movement in their "Fortress of Calm".
  • When to introduce "Hidden Treasures" for your dog.
  • Why remote feeders aren't babysitters.
  • When and how to leave your dog home alone for the first time.
  • How to create calm relaxation for your dog in other places like the car.

Separation Anxiety Online Program:

Register your interest in having Nadine and Simone’s Online Program for Separation Anxiety in English
- https://dogsthat.com/separation-anxiety/

Dog Gear Mentioned for the FRIDA Protocol:


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