Recently I came across an envelope containing all my report cards from kindergarten through university. Reading over my teachers' comments was an enlightening study of behavior and how I adapted in the face of challenges. I'm sharing what I noticed with you as there's a parallel with dog behavior and why they do the things they do. Behavior can fall into seven distinct categories, and understanding the influence of each category is massively beneficial for us to know what dogs are communicating.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • An overview of my school report cards and what they show about my behavior changing.
  • How my teachers’ observations reflected the adaptations I made due to dyslexia.
  • Why labels, absolutes and assumptions about a dog can limit their learning.
  • That dog training is never a linear path, and we are always relationship building.
  • About the 7 categories of Genetics, Health, Education, Exercise, Sleep, Environment and Nutrition and how each can influence a dog’s behavior.
  • That our dog’s behavior is information and gives us great feedback to help them.
  • Why the question “what else might be true” is vital to ask yourself. 
  • That unconditional love means allowing your dog to communicate through behavior.