The topic of this episode comes from a listener suggestion, and it is about “alpha” and “beta” dogs. It’s a bit of a spicy subject, and the words “alpha” and “beta” go back to disproven “dominancy theory”. Even if you are not sure what “dominance theory” is, you might have heard the term “pack leader”. It was common around 30 or so years ago for pet dog training classes to be based on “dominance theory”, but not so much these days. Each of us has filter we see the world through, and that filter is going to have an impact on our dog training choices and beliefs.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What influenced the filters through which I see the world.
  • How my filter has an impact on my dog training.
  • What I ask if something goes wrong with my dogs.
  • The commonalities and digressions I’ve noticed in training beliefs.
  • What I googled about dominance theory.
  • My quick diversion on humping.
  • How what we see in our dogs can be interrupted in different ways.
  • The ways our filters relate to our dog training decisions and how changing our filters is possible for everyone.
  • That behavior is behavior, for humans and for dogs, and how choice and communication is powerful for any relationship.
  • How my puppy This! shredded a bed and my reaction.
  • The three things you can do when faced with a challenge with your dog.
  • Why it’s time to get curious when you are furious.
  • What can go into a plan for you to get what you want with your dog.
  • That none of us is perfect.