If you are like most people, you take your dog for a walk for exercise or for a potty break. Surprisingly, one of the questions I get asked frequently is when and how I walk my dogs. There are five main reasons I walk my dogs, and the walking is always intentional. Those reasons are for elimination (toilet breaks), relationship building, to give my dogs a chance to sniff (read the pee mail), exercise, and sometimes to socialize.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The types of walks I take with my dogs.
  • How I walk my dogs, and when I choose off-leash or on a leash.
  • About Tater’s LOVE of people and what that means when walking him.
  • The reasons I am cautious and intentional when walking in new places.
  • Why I am always on alert when walking my dogs on leash in a city.
  • What I do to keep my dogs safe when walking in new places.
  • When and why I use a head halter, a harness or a flat collar.
  • About how I start when walking the dogs at home.
  • The games I play on walks with my puppy for relationship building.
  • About letting dogs scent on walks and sniffing to read the pee mail.
  • What I do when my dogs don’t come when called.
  • How Tater, Momentum and This! love to use their noses.
  • What I do to be intentional about my dogs sniffing on walks.