Over the years I’ve asked my students to describe the connection with their dog in different environments. How is it different inside your house versus your front yard? What about the park? Or, around other dogs or children? Often the response describes the emotional connection “to” their dog; not the two-way connection “with” their dog. We’re covering what that difference is between the connection to versus connection with our dogs, why it's super important to understand, and how growing one can also grow the other.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How connection TO a dog differs from connection WITH a dog.
  • What weakens and strengthens the relationship we have with dogs.
  • Common words used about dogs that signal a connection crisis.
  • The reasons understanding and empathy will grow your relationship.
  • How the sport of dog agility, or any dog sport, is like an amplifier of connection.
  • Why it's essential to protect your dog's confidence when beginning agility.
  • How one of my agility students, Jenny, went from overwhelmed to elite competitor with her Siberian
  • The story of Cait's Shiba Inu, Moshi, a pandemic puppy, and how their connection evolved.
  • That game by game, layer and layer, you can see the connection with your dog blossom.

Connected Dog Video Series