How do you pick a puppy? Even if you are not selecting a puppy, a lot of these concepts apply to a rescue dog. I’ve just raised a litter of puppies, and one will stay with me as my next dog, so I’m covering my tips, plus how my puppy chose me!

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How our rescue dog Tater feels about living in a family of Border Collies.
  • The considerations about what sort of dog is best for you.
  • How Tina the Poodle came into our family when I was a kid.
  • Why to set an intention about your next dog.
  • The three areas I look at when picking my puppy.
  • What to consider about structure and temperament.
  • What you need to know about puppies and temperament tests.
  • About what your heart tells you and why I’m big on the woo.
  • Why to trust the breeder of your puppy if you have done your research.
  • The reason to not second guess yourself.
  • About the adventures that led me to my new puppy.
  • Who my next dog is and her name!

Spoiler Alert Puppy Names:

Moira Rose - Say Yes to Inspired Moments - Dream

Alexis - Say Yes to Playing for the Moment - Swish

David - Say Yes to Making the Moments Count - Mission

Stevie - Say Yes to Being in the Moment - This!


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