What three words would you and your dog pick to describe your dog training? I’d like to think my dogs pick the words fun, kind and clear. The late Wayne Dyer influenced my dog training mantra, and I believe that our dogs are doing the absolute best they can with the education we’ve given them in the environment that we are asking them to perform in. If you embrace this, it’s the gateway to having not only the best relationship with your dog but to the best trained dog you have ever had.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How being present for your dog will flow on to the way you show up to the world.
  • Why our dogs are a mirror of what we are teaching them.
  • About the questions we can ask ourselves if our dogs do something we don't want.
  • The reason to bring mindfulness to dog training.
  • Why to be present for the impact you have in the life of your dog.
  • About observing when your dog focuses on you.
  • Knowing if we want a dog in our life or want the best life for our dog.
  • How dogs learn despite the training methodology.
  • How the right approach to training lets dogs be brilliant.
  • About inspiring great responses for dog training to be magical.