Do you have a naughty dog or things you want to change with your dog’s behavior? It might be to improve your dog’s focus on you, stop counter surfing, barking, running off, jumping on guests, pulling on leash, or fixing something that will get you the teamwork you want for dog sports like agility. There are five questions I’ve been asking my dog training students the world over that will fast track your success.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The 5 questions to ask that will help you fix any dog training challenge.
  • About easily creating small successes for you and your dog.
  • What I learned when teaching in Japan about the stories we tell ourselves.
  • How you can borrow my confidence for your success.
  • Knowing your domino.
  • A tip that helps me succeed at world-level dog agility competition.
  • How to see through your dog’s eyes.
  • About a quick and easy commitment to make to your dog.
  • What you can do with “Hey, Susan said..”!


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