Things have been a little weird around here because six days ago we welcomed a litter of four puppies. One of these puppies will be my next dog, and it got me thinking about how I identify myself and how that relates to my dogs. And it is the same for you. Your identity matters for you and your dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The importance of how you identify yourself.
  • Why our dog is always getting trained either through conscious effort or our dog’s
  • When to transition from a newbie identity, but how being an expert can hurt you.
  • Why accolades and accomplishments are events rather than identifiers.
  • How I identify myself.
  • About going from information gathering to taking action.
  • Why I’m excited about my new puppy and for any new mistakes I might make.
  • Things your dog does not care about if you get training wrong.
  • What creates forward momentum.