Has your dog ever been so overexcited they just can’t seem to listen, and it’s frustrating for you? Dogs who want to go swimming, for a car ride, or a walk might be so intent on what they want they might not even sit when you ask, and you know they know how to sit! There are tools to fix the challenge, and you can use what your dog loves to do. We’re looking at the science of the Premack Principle and how you can transfer the value for what your dog loves to you.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How my puppy could not listen when she was outside with the other dogs.
  • The IF and THEN of contingencies in dog training.
  • About Premack’s Principle.
  • Why to think about all the things that your dog loves that are safe.
  • How to use contingencies to your advantage.
  • Why the value your dog has for what they love transfers to what you want.
  • What my dog Buzz taught me through his love of swimming and water.
  • How the value Buzz had for swimming transferred to our relationship.
  • Why the low probably behavior needs to be achievable for your dog when you start.
  • The reason you need to be clear on what behaviour you want for clarity for your dog.
  • The importance of your dog's history of reinforcement for the low probability behavior.
  • Why not to repeat cues and how to lower the intensity of what your dog wants with distance.
  • How I used Reinforcement Zone (RZ) with my puppy, This! so she could run with dogs.
  • About training an excellent recall in all locations.
  • How to play my new game called “I Think You Must Be Lost”.
  • Why to break things down, so everyone has success.
  • What you can easily do today to start premacking.