The rhythm you have with the dog in your life reflects the connectedness you have with your dog. Connectedness can be defined in the moments when things don’t go the way you expect. Rhythm can range from peaceful and easy through to chaotic and is part of all our relationships. We’re looking at how we can use everyday life to build a relationship of connection and trust with our dogs.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About the rhythm of all our relationships and conversations.
  • How being grounded creates teamwork and connection with our puppy.
  • Why to create a steady rhythm to your dog training sessions.
  • About the importance of our puppies and dogs learning how to relax.
  • What happens when things don't go the way we expect.
  • How to recover your rhythm and questions to ask.
  • What I do if my dog does not sit the first time on cue.
  • Why the age and experience of our puppy or dog changes our rhythm.
  • How I use music to match my dog's rhythm when walking an agility course.
  • How we can create the rhythm of life for the connection we want.