If you spend time on social media, you will have seen videos where somebody has a family dog and a young toddler or a baby in very precarious situations. It’s unnecessarily dangerous as the dog is giving clear information with their body language on how they are feeling! If we live with a dog, we need to understand how they communicate their emotions. We’re covering what to look for in canine body language, so you know what dogs are telling you.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • My observations on what an adult Australian Shepherd is saying about interactions with a puppy.
  • That a play bow does not always mean a dog wants to play.
  • What your dog is trying to communicate to you and what to observe.
  • How our dogs have complex emotions and how they tell us what they are feeling.
  • Four books about canine body language to have in your library.
  • How to really notice what your dog’s tail is telling you, including a left wag.
  • About the way dogs use their eyes to express their emotional state.
  • How dogs use body language to try and diffuse situations.
  • Why to notice what your dog’s tongue is doing and what a dog’s yawn could be saying.
  • The signals to look for in your dog’s ears, head posture, and body.


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