Meet the brilliant minds behind the groundbreaking FRIDA Protocol for dog separation anxiety, Nadine Hehli and Simone Fasel, rising stars of positive reinforcement training in Europe. Nadine and Simone have a depth of experience in fostering and training rescue dogs, the challenges a rehomed dog might present, and overcoming problems so that rescue dogs can live their best life, and that’s the topic of our conversation. This episode is an extract of our livestream celebrating 200 episodes of Shaped by Dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How Nadine and Simone transformed Frida, a hyper, reactive, overly-anxious rescue dog, into a calm, confident family member.
  • The challenges rescue dogs can bring with them and how to help them.
  • Why overwhelm about Frida’s anxiety never happened due to trusting the dog training process.
  • About the gap between expectation and reality with rescue dogs that can create doubt in new owners.
  • The importance of creating joy for dogs in the present moment.
  • Advice for overcoming dog training frustration by focusing on what you want your dog to do.
  • How Nadine and Simone integrated a new puppy into their multi-dog household.
  • That confidence comes from training the dog in front of you without labeling them.
  • How breaking big behaviors down into mini lessons creates confidence and quickens learning.
  • Why giving dogs choice and control is vital for their well-being.
  • Tips for first-time dog owners beginning their positive reinforcement training journey.

Canine Separation Anxiety Protocol

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