Over the past couple of years, I’ve documented many challenges my dog This! and I have overcome, like reactivity, fear, resource guarding, and car sickness, to name a few behavior issues. And then, at an agility seminar here at my facility, This! fell apart. Now it’s time to put everything together. I have a two-part series outlining a timeline of This!’s struggles and what I’ve discovered to help her and many other dogs

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How This! falling apart at an agility seminar was a symptom of a larger problem.
  • Why you can’t dog train something that isn’t a dog training problem.
  • The origins of This!’s name and that there are no coincidences.
  • What I began noticing about This!’s body mechanics early in puppyhood.
  • That This! only showed true drive for activities of adrenaline like chasing.
  • About the reactivity, resource guarding, car sickness, stunted growth, and joylessness experienced by This!.
  • How anything involving thinking for This! led to her decompressing for hours.
  • Why my only focus for This! became her joy.
  • How a naturopath came into my life to help me help This!.
  • About This!’s growth stall relative to her littermates.
  • What agility jump grids help us notice in our agility dogs.
  • This!’s immediate performance improvement after nutritional changes.


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