Car sickness in a dog or puppy can be heartbreaking. My puppy has been getting car sick, and I’ve been documenting what I’ve been doing to help her. If your puppy or dog is drooling in the car, refusing to get in the car, hates car rides, throwing up or foaming at the mouth when travelling, or showing any other sign of motion sickness, you are not alone.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The signs of car sickness in puppies and dogs.
  • How I helped my puppy This! initially and what happened after lockdown.
  • What motion sickness does to puppies and dogs.
  • Why some puppies outgrow car sickness, but others do not.
  • The importance of counter conditioning our dogs for travelling.
  • How the sight of a car can bring on sickness for a puppy.
  • About changing our dog’s emotional response to the car.
  • What I have been doing with my puppy to help her with car rides.
  • How I become a canine booster seat.
  • Why I didn’t turn on the car for a week and how games are helping.
  • About building up to longer drives in the car when there is motion sickness.
  • Why I borrowed the confidence Tater has in the car to help my puppy.
  • All the steps to creating a positive conditioned emotional response to the car for our dogs.
  • Why to write to us about Home School the Dog.