Has there ever been a time when things didn’t go as planned in dog training or in life? Or, not only that, but the outcome was the opposite of what you intended? We’re going deep on how to handle these setbacks with resilience, grit, grace, and a solid Plan B in place. I’m also sharing my favorite books on boosting mental agility, reframing perceptions, letting go of outcomes, and turning obstacles in dog training to your advantage.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How to overcome adversity and use it to your advantage in dog training.
  • About This!’s setbacks that made us both better.
  • The importance of having a Plan B.
  • How self-talk influences our Belief Loops.
  • Examples of ego-driven dog trainers.
  • That dog training is not art, it’s science.
  • The importance of being mentally agile.
  • How to reframe negative experiences into positive.
  • About Decaff and highlighting a dog’s strengths.
  • About detaching from outcomes.
  • Why trophies are never my goal.
  • The importance of celebrations.
  • My 11 growth mindset book recommendations.
  • The 5 keys to Pivots, Plan A’s and Plan B’s in dog training.
  • The top 3 “big picture” goals for happy dogs.
  • Why I don’t give extra energy to negative experiences.

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