Everyone with a dog, including professional trainers like me, encounters dog behavior problems. It might be a dog's non-existent recall, chasing things, counter surfing, being out of control, not paying attention, or, if you do sports, not listening to you in the ring. Or it could be a dog's naughty habits around home persisting. Help is at hand, and I'm sharing my strategy for success no matter what the dog training challenge.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How to ensure you overcome dog training challenges for good.
  • My approach to working through a dog’s triggers with curiosity.
  • What to do when naughty behaviors reappear.
  • About knowing where the reinforcement is for unwanted behaviors.
  • That some behaviors are simply quirks of the dog’s personality.
  • The unconscious and overt crutches we use to manage our dogs.
  • That tracking your training will improve your dog’s behavior.
  • What to journal about the behavior you’re fixing.
  • Why we don't want to avoid our dog's triggers.
  • How to handle toxic emotions about your dog’s actions.
  • About Momentum’s agility see-saw obsession and starting my fix.
  • Why I'm grateful for the challenges that dogs present.
  • How I handled an unsolicited opinion about my age and my dog at an agility trial.
  • That life is better when you see amazing things in your dog.

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