Have you ever watched those of us who have dogs on the same wavelength as us, and we ask them to do something, and they do it immediately? The dogs are excited and engaged, keen to listen, and can't wait for the next thing we ask them to do. Now, you might look at your dog’s behavior and think, "that's not possible for me!" but I believe it is possible for you, and I believe the possibility is closer than you may think.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How having a dog enthused to work with you is easier than you think.
  • The three possible relationships we have with dogs and why I want harmony.
  • Why being curious about outcomes creates success.
  • A reminder that progress is not linear but a journey of peaks and valleys that teach us.
  • How to create value for yourself in your dog's eyes
  • Tips for transfer of value with a puppy or rescue dog.
  • Why playing games creates confidence and joy in your dog.
  • How the layers of learning stack so your dog can be brilliant and engaged.
  • That behavior is information about what a dog needs and their communication.
  • Why giving dogs a choice makes them enthusiastic about engaging with us.
  • About considering ego or soul in your relationship with your dog.

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