Dog training games deepen the bond we have with our dogs, grow trust, build confidence and give our dogs beneficial skills for daily life. A life skill that is important for all dogs is wearing a muzzle. We want to create a positive conditioned emotional response to a muzzle for our dog. Fun games will help your dog LOVE wearing a muzzle and give you confidence if your dog should ever need one.

Important: If your dog is wearing a muzzle in the heat, please take care, supervise, and make sure that the muzzle will allow your dog to pant.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why a dog might need to wear a muzzle, including at the Vet.
  • How emotions are an unconscious response and dogs might react if scared or in pain.
  • About consent in dog training and that we want our dogs to trust us.
  • What to look for when selecting a muzzle for your dog.
  • How a bowl and a canning funnel are great for muzzle training.
  • The training steps with games so that your dog loves putting a muzzle on.
  • How to create a positive CER for your dog wearing a muzzle.
  • What to look for in your dog’s body language for an excellent TEMP.
  • The reason you want a cue for your dog to muzzle up.
  • Why I use “Hey, Can You?!” for my dogs to run to get a muzzle on.
  • How to grow the Double D of duration and distractions for the muzzle.

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