The idea of getting consent to train your dog is growing in popularity for a good reason. It is something I have been doing for many years. But consent is also misused, misunderstood, and misapplied, which can cause massive setbacks for dogs and their owners. So, what is consent really, and how does it benefit our dogs?

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Where consent in animal training comes from and why cooperative care is important.
  • About the “game on” position that I use in my training.
  • The two categories of consent: general dog training and husbandry for health.
  • How my dogs show me I have their expressed consent.
  • What implied consent is and how dogs show you permission.
  • How our dog’s T.E.M.P. indicates their implied consent.
  • The category of substituted consent and what that means for our dog’s safety.
  • What manufactured consent is and why I don’t use it.
  • The reasons why a dog might say “no, thank you!”.
  • Why to pay attention to your dog’s emotions, eustress, and physical discomfort.
  • Where things go wrong when a dog says “no”.
  • Why we want to grow our dog’s comfort zone.
  • The importance of D.A.S.H. in dog training.
  • What to do when your dog says no and why we want to turn that to yes