Does your dog hate things like grooming, you using the vacuum, getting a bath, you shovelling snow or raking leaves, being held at the vet, getting eye drops or ears cleaned? There can be an endless list of things dogs don’t like! The good news is that we can help our dogs by breaking what they hate down to turn a negative into a positive conditioned emotional response. Helping dogs like what they currently don’t will set them and us up for a life of happiness together.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How it could be the sight, sound, feel, smell, or sensation of your dog’s dislike.
  • All the things we expect our dogs to tolerate in daily life.
  • The reasons to know the behaviors you will be training.
  • How we can create a positive conditioned emotional response (CER).
  • About the importance of consent for cooperative care and our dog’s buy-in.
  • The training steps to giving your dog eye drops or ear drops so they don’t hate it.
  • Why it’s important for dogs to be able to say, “I'm not comfortable”.
  • How our time patience can help our dog overcome many things.

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