Have you ever had your dog’s bowl, picked up your car keys, or the doorbell rings, and your dog gets super excited? That excitement in your puppy or dog is a conditioned response, and we can use the magic of conditioning to help our puppy or dog learn faster and make dog training easier. It’s essential to understand what’s going on with classical conditioning and how you can use it to your advantage for shaping your dog’s behavior.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What conditioning is and how to use it to your advantage.
  • About Pavlov's dogs and classical conditioning.
  • The three things that can happen when an animal is being conditioned.
  • Why good conditioning makes dog training easier.
  • How your dog's name should mean something good.
  • Why to notice all the conditioned responses in your dog's life.
  • The steps to conditioning your puppy or dog to a leash and collar.
  • How to use conditioning on walks or at the dog park.
  • About terminal behaviors and how to rehearse the end many times.
  • Why conditioned responses are powerful and can transfer value.

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