Teaching your dog to lay down on cue is a great life skill for many situations. There are 10 different ways to train your dog to drop. Having a dog who downs immediately when you ask will happen if your dog is engaged and having fun. Your dog obeying you does not need to involve submitting, and we’re looking at how you can create a joyful instant drop on cue for your dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That being told to train a dog to down using physical force is a red flag.
  • About the most common way of teaching a down with luring.
  • How you could capture a down in daily life, use free shaping, or a target stick.
  • How I train dogs to down using paw or body targets to get a fast, reliable drop.
  • The pre-requisites you will need before training your dog to down.
  • Why you will need a release word to tell your dog when the down is over.
  • That I use "search", "break", or "get it" as release words and what each means.
  • The reason to think very carefully about the cue you will use for your dog to down.
  • How I train down in three different positions and why I start with the sphinx position.
  • How I train my dogs to down on cue with DASH and fun shaping games.
  • That we can teach our dogs to LOVE the game of giving us fast, reliable downs on cue.

ItsYerChoice Game:

Learn how to play ItsYerChoice as a foundation for your down training:


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