Teaching a dog to calm down when you are out with them amidst exciting events can seem difficult, especially if your dog can’t seem to chill at home when nothing is going on! It might be that your dog seems always to want to be doing something or continually demand your attention. We’re covering why your dog expects you to interact with them constantly and what you can do about it so they can learn how to relax and settle down.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What creates a dog who expects to be entertained by you every minute.
  • How your dog expecting to be entertained creates problems with relaxing.
  • Why it’s important for our puppies and dogs to learn how to chill out.
  • About using the foundations of Crate Games for your dog to relax.
  • Why having dog beds will help your dog learn to settle down.
  • What I do with puppies or dogs who chew their beds.
  • The types of chew toys I use, including raw marrowbones, and the risks.
  • Why you should never give your dog rawhide chews and what else to avoid.
  • The steps to help your dog relax in a bed in daily life with you.
  • How to help your dog or puppy get used to you leaving the room.
  • The reason that your dog chilling starts small for the behavior to grow