Choosing the best dog toy for any activity will lead to success. The toy you choose needs to be safe and suit the purpose. Before I was a professional dog trainer, I never gave any thought to toy selection apart from if a toy appealed to me. Since those days, I’ve created systems and processes for toy selection to benefit my dogs. Picking the wrong toy can set your training back and could be dangerous. Picking the right toy will set you and your dog up for success

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The six categories that toys can fit into and the best toys for each.
  • About looking at what’s on the end of a tug toy.
  • What toys are best, and what toys never to choose for retrieving.
  • Why never to play fetch with sticks and not let your dog carry a stick.
  • My thoughts on tennis balls that you might not want to hear!
  • Toys you can use to exercise your dog.
  • How toys for training help educate our dogs.
  • Why to consider where you will reward your dog for toy selection.
  • What to know about toys that deliver food to your dog and where to use them.
  • About toys that are entertainment for dogs.
  • How to use toys for enrichment and what to consider about your dog’s safety.
  • The toys you can make at home that won’t cost you anything.


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