Do you consider yourself a risk taker? Or maybe you play it safe? What about when it comes to your dog? We all want our dogs to be safe, but there’s one area in a dog’s life where people take highly dangerous risks, and that is when traveling in the car.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That I’m not risk aversive, except when it comes to my dogs.
  • Why I decided to never take part in “go to ground” with my Terriers.
  • The chances I won’t take with my dogs even though they are so well trained.
  • About all the risks people take with how dogs travel in cars.
  • Me implore you to please never drive with your dog in the back of a pickup truck.
  • The dangers of driving with your dog’s head out the window.
  • About how risky it is to drive with your dog on your lap on the front seat next to you.
  • How dogs riding loose in the backseat can obsess, leading to anxiety, barrier frustration and aggression.
  • That even the cargo area is not safe for you or your loose dog.
  • How I set up my car crates and anchor them down out of the crumple zone.
  • That a seatbelt attached to a genuinely approved car harness can be a way for your dog to travel in a car.
  • About evaluating the risk when you go to put your dog in the car for a ride