Do you take your dog on vacation or for road trips? It will help make your holiday great if you plan ahead and prepare your dog for car rides, consider safety for your trip, know where to take breaks along the way, and where to stay when travelling by car with your dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About planning so that your vacation is enjoyable for you and your dog.
  • Why to consider what your days will be filled with when you are away.
  • How to prepare your dog for your trip away.
  • About the car crates that are safe for travelling and the options of canine seat belts.
  • How playing games on your trip helps makes the experience fun for your dog.
  • That including ItsYerChoice in your games is important for your dog’s safety.
  • Why you really want your dog to pee and poop when on leash.
  • About enrichment for your dog when you are relaxing.
  • What to pack for your dog when travelling with them.
  • Where to stop with your dog along the way to your destination.
  • How to make your stops and stays safe, interesting, and comfortable for your dog.

Road Trip Packing List:


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