Has your dog ever done something unexpected that is the opposite of what you want? And you just want your dog to stop, but you don’t know what to do while remaining a reinforcement based dog trainer? We’re looking at naughty dog behaviours and how to take appropriate action when things don't go to plan.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The three responses of tolerate, manage, or train.
  • Why to know if what your dog is doing is stress related.
  • About the needs of belonging and reinforcement.
  • Why to know the frequency of the behavior.
  • About stopping or interrupting what your dog is doing to redirect.
  • What to do when your dog digs up the water bowl.
  • The three categories of a dog’s behaviour.
  • Why to ask “where’s the value?” for your dog.
  • Your options of redirect, engage, bribe, ignore, or surprise.
  • When not to ignore a behavior.
  • What to do in a Code Red situation where your dog is in danger.
  • Why you need a training plan.
  • What to do when your dog doesn’t get in the car to leave the park.
  • Why to train your dog to wait for their turn to work.
  • What to do with an older puppy who is still biting.