Has your dog ever experienced barrier frustration? The frustration can escalate to aggression, and something like fence running can turn into fence fighting. The leash being on a dog can result in restraint frustration as the lead creates a barrier. Or perhaps your dog barks at other dogs when in the car? When our dogs are frustrated, they are expressing an emotion and we cannot ignore their excitement or anxiety. We can help our dog by creating a different emotional response.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About noticing the early signs of anxiety or frustration.
  • How fence running can quickly escalate to fighting.
  • Why arousal can turn to redlining and why we should care.
  • What we don’t want our dogs to rehearse.
  • How fence fighting can have consequences away from the barrier.
  • Being aware of everyone’s safety around dogs who have pent up emotion.
  • Why a redlining dog could redirect onto another dog, child, or adult.
  • The easiest way to stop barrier aggression.
  • Why to focus on the trigger to help dogs with their emotional response.
  • How to change your dog’s emotional state around triggers.
  • Strategies to help fence fighting dogs.
  • Why management is a big part of dog training to prevent rehearsals.
  • How using a head halter will help you keep your dog under threshold.
  • The reason to use distance to help your dog with triggers.
  • Games you can play that will help overcome barrier frustration.
  • Why the words “Winners Circle!” come with treats for your dog.
  • How to achieve the goal of your dog seeing a trigger and orientating to you.