Chances are you are familiar with the concept of “time outs”. A time out is something you will hear of being used for kids, puppies, and dogs. The bottom line about a time out is that it is punishment. Should a time out be part of life with our dog? Are we using a time out due to our inadequacies as a trainer for our dog?

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Lessons I learned about using time outs.
  • The science of time outs.
  • About the three different forms of time outs.
  • The reality of what I’m saying to my dog if I give a time out.
  • How getting better at reinforcement will reduce punishment.
  • Why you need to see a change of behaviour if you use a time out.
  • The reasons you need to ensure your dog knows how to be right.
  • When a time out might actually be reinforcing for a dog.
  • The importance of being non-emotional.
  • Why you need to know the patterns of your use of time outs.
  • How to use a time out effectively.
  • Ways you can minimise using time outs.