Why would a dog training program work or not work for some people? I had the chance to approach dog training from a place of curiosity on social media recently and learned a lot. There was also a comment that got me thinking about approaches to dog training, especially our mind's approach. How our mind matters for dog training success is the topic of this episode, plus I have some bonus book recommendations and a Wag Nation special enrollment surprise.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The two types of students guaranteed to get dog training results.
  • The difference between successful and lackluster training outcomes.
  • How our intentional mindset determines our outcomes.
  • About nature vs. nurture and our ability to change at any time.
  • About fixed vs. growth mindset in relation to your dog.
  • Why we should challenge labels and fixed mindsets with curiosity.
  • About noticing how you show up for others when "squeezed" by life.
  • How to pinpoint what's holding you back from achieving dog training goals.
  • The characteristics of students who thrive in DogsThat classrooms.
  • Where to find lessons in failure.
  • What we can learn from "The 4 Disciplines of Execution".
  • About the book "Measure What Matters".
  • That anyone can achieve a growth mindset.
  • How to get our Wag Nation and Home School the Dog discount bundle.

Wag Nation and Home School the Dog Discount Bundle


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