In August 2021, I released a special video about my dog, This!, titled “Normalizing Imperfection in Dog Training”, covering our challenges so that everyone with a dog knows that struggling at some point in life together is completely normal. In that video, I encouraged everyone to take daily action to make tomorrow better than today for you and your dog. It doesn’t mean blocking out big chunks of time. Dog training with “Daily Quickies” is how I get so much accomplished without having long dog training sessions, and in this episode, I’m covering how easy it can be so that you can put it into action.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How to intentionally build behaviors in short training sessions aka “Daily Quickies”.
  • That all behavior is either growing or falling to pieces unless we're mindful about reinforcement.
  • My priorities for training husbandry, manners, life skills and dog sports skills.
  • That conditioning positive emotional responses for dogs to husbandry is critical.
  • How Daily Quickies differ from formal training sessions.
  • Examples of short games to play for loose leash walking.
  • How splitting behaviors down into quick games contributes to growing skills and confidence.
  • Why using Daily Quickies helps you become a person who sees what's possible for dogs.


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