Are you the type of dog owner who loves to play with your dog or puppy? It’s a great way to have fun, teach your dog life skills, and can help reduce fear. The tips we’re covering today are essential for all dogs, and if you have an interest in dog agility, I’m also sharing how this applies to dog sports and confidence. Changing just one element of the way you play will have a big impact on how your dog learns and help to decrease fears and phobias.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What happened with my Jack Russell, Shelby when she didn’t want to visit the Vet.
  • How we can desensitize and counter condition fear for our puppies and dogs.
  • My observations about how dogs play with other dogs.
  • Why I have’ game on’ and ‘game off’ permissions when playing with my dogs.
  • About knowing what happens before your dog says, ‘game off’.
  • Why I created a game called “Smack Da Baby!”.
  • The importance of our dogs learning to love physical touch by humans.
  • How I incorporate “Smack Da Baby!” in a game of tug.
  • All the stages of including touch for dogs in play.
  • About putting time into where your dog tells you they need confidence.
  • The one time I grab my dogs by the muzzle and why.
  • How my dog DeCaff shaped me to play with her and the impact on weaving in agility.
  • Why play helps your dog with many life skills.
  • The importance of taking action if you notice your dog is not comfortable.