How well does your dog respond to your cues at a distance? Would your dog sit or down when they are off leash and far away? It’s a skill that can be life saving for dogs! It only needs a few minutes a day of engagement with your dog to create great behaviors, and it starts with your dog listening to you when they are close.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That a dog responding from a distance is just showing mastery of skills that they can do close up.
  • How to find time in your day to train your dog and how it can be engaging.
  • What your dog understanding of a cue looks like in day-to -day life.
  • About cleaning up your release cues and the releases that I use.
  • What to be aware of about cueing, marking, and releasing to create clarity for your dog.
  • Why we need transfer of value to the behaviour of sit, down or stand for our dogs.
  • About the experiment we conducted at agility camp and what the results showed about cues at a distance.
  • Why dogs who understand a behaviour close to you can perform at a distance.