In education, what the teacher is teaching, and what the learner is learning might not be the same thing. It’s the same when we are training our dogs. If what our dog does is not what we have trained, we need to look at our training to see where that might be flawed. Often it comes down to the reinforcement process, and today we’re going to fix that.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The elements of the reinforcement process in dog training.
  • How to fix the way you are rewarding your dog.
  • About the reward process for loose leash walking.
  • The reason we want to catch our dogs being amazing.
  • Why to observe, recognize, mark, deliver and place reinforcement, release.
  • The reason that gaps between reward elements morph behavior.
  • How barking can be inadvertently rewarded.
  • Why to ask yourself, “what did you just reward?”.
  • About being prepared for training to help your dog learn.
  • The mechanics of good reward delivery.
  • Why reinforcement placement builds or tears down behaviour.
  • How your dog will always tell you what they are learning.