The way we train with positive reinforcement might seem a little out there as we put our dog’s emotions first, and if our dog does not do what we want them to do, we don’t punish or correct. It might even make you wonder what sort of anarchy we have in our lives with our dogs! But it’s not like that at all because one of the guiding principles I’ve been talking about since the 90s is that positive is not permissive.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What “positive not permissive” really means.
  • Why the relationship we have with our dog weaves into everything.
  • How expectations and consistency create clarity for dogs.
  • The reasons a dog might not be meeting your expectations.
  • That dog training can be part of everything you do.
  • What a day might look like in your life with your dog.
  • The hierarchy of behaviors to consider.
  • Why recall, retrieve and relax are my top priorities.
  • Games you can play with your dog for life skills.
  • The reason loose leash walking begins at home.
  • Tips to fit dog training into everyday life with daily quickies.

Shaped by Dog Episode 200 Online Celebration Event

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