If you took an obedience class back in the 80s, you could have learned to say things like AH-AH, NO, and HEY to stop your dog from doing something. And if you learned that that recently or find those old habits still with you, I’ve got something to help! Those short sharp words spoken harshly will startle dogs and stop a behavior, but they will also create stress and anxiety for a dog. Instead, we can teach words or sounds that will interrupt our dogs and let them know what we want them to do.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About the judgement we put on dogs when we use harsh words to stop behavior.
  • The way to condition a new cue to use as a positive interrupter.
  • How a positive interrupter should mean "stop what you are doing and come and find me".
  • When to use a positive interrupter to give your dog something different to do.
  • How an interrupter is not a recall cue and that your recall cue is sacred!
  • About choosing the best sound or word to use as a positive interrupter.
  • How you could use "wit-wit-wit-wit" as your positive interrupter.
  • How to easily teach your new positive interrupter to help you and your dog.
  • When to transition your new cue to real-life situations.
  • That you need to be aware of the thing before the thing and inadvertent behavior chains.