The way we dog train is different, and there are four elements that are vital to everything we do. It starts with confidence for people and their dogs and layers to grow a relationship of trust. There are many ways to use reinforcement in dog training, and our focus is on layered shaping, which might be a new concept for many people. I’m pulling back the curtain on how and why we build intentional layers of learning to set dogs up for success.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That the vast majority of people start wanting to know how to stop their dogs from doing things.
  • Why our first step is creating a positive conditioned emotional response for dogs, so they feel good.
  • That behaviour does not happen in an unemotional vacuum, and we want good emotions.
  • How we want to minimize, and ideally eliminate, a conflict between people and their dogs.
  • Why to use the things your dog loves in your training.
  • That our dogs have a fun life, but we want to be aware of where they earn reinforcement.
  • About turning a dog’s distractions into white noise.
  • How we want to begin with our dogs doing simple things and follow the 5C Pyramid.
  • About using games that change our dog's physiology so they can be in their zone of genius.
  • That once we've established value for our dogs, we want to transfer that value.
  • Why our dogs want to do what we want because we empower them with choice.
  • How we use classical conditioning first, so the bond between dogs and people is one of trust.

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