We can use food, toys, or activities our dogs love, like swimming or running, as rewards in dog training. To get an unbelievable transfer of value from that reinforcement, we can use words that tell our dogs what they are doing is correct, how they will be reinforced and where that reinforcement will be. We’re covering Location Specific Reinforcement Markers and how to use them. It’s possible for everyone to double the value of rewards and grow their dog’s understanding when there is clarity about the specifics of release cues.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How my dog would leave position on a click when I first learned about clicker training.
  • That I learned to mark for position and reward for behavior from Bob and Marian Bailey.
  • How I started using Location Specific Reinforcement Markers in the mid-nineties with Buzz for his start line.
  • How to use activities for location specific reinforcement in dog training.
  • About the nuances of using “search”, “get it”, “bring me” and “break” as release cues and when I use “wit wit”.
  • How I use different toys and names for those toys for training directionals like left and right for agility.
  • Why the tone of your words is vital for your dog’s clarity and that each should have unique sounds.
  • An exercise you can do to try out Location Specific Reinforcement Markers in your training.
  • That we can have many release cues and permissions as Location Specific Reinforcement Markers.

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