If you were to get 100 of the world’s best dog trainers in a room, there would be a lot of disagreements. However, if you asked, “what’s the number one training mistake people make with their new puppy?” 99 of those dog trainers would give you the same answer. If you were to google, how do I get my puppy to stop, search results like stop peeing in the house, stop barking, and stop putting everything in their mouth, will be returned. These puppy behavior problems are related to the number one mistake dog trainers agree about: giving a puppy too much freedom.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why puppies can’t have too much freedom without something bad happening.
  • How puppy zones prevent the rehearsal of undesired behaviours.
  • About the stages of puppy development related to giving freedom.
  • How I utilize crates, ex-pens and baby gates for puppy zones and safety.
  • The reason not to use a doggy door with your puppy.
  • Why I want my puppies to learn alone time, pottying on leash, and listening indoors and outdoors.
  • About sleep time, potty time, training time, eating time, exercise time and chill time for a puppy.
  • Tips for structuring your morning schedule with a puppy to create success.