The best place to train a puppy or rescue dog might be the best-kept dog training secret you need to know! It's something no one ever tells you, and it will create success with dog training so your dog can be an amazing companion. You don't need to be on a downward spiral of frustration and disappointment, and I've three critical dog training strategies that are easy to implement so you and your dog can live your best life ever.

Free Goodies for You and Your Dog:

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Whether you're a seasoned dog trainer or a first-timer, these dog training goodies are for you. They're designed to give every dog and person a fresh start, regardless of their experience level.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why some dogs are amazing companions and others are rehomed.
  • The number one mistake people make with their puppies, rescue dogs or adult dogs.
  • An example of my rescue dog, Tater, and how he came to be living with me.
  • About hope training and what’s really educating dogs.
  • How the environment is training your dog and getting in the way of your success.
  • The best place to train your puppy or dog.
  • Why learning to drive is similar to teaching a puppy or dog.
  • Where your dog is most engaged, more focused, less distracted and able to grow in confidence.
  • 3 critical strategies for dog training success that are easy to implement today.
  • A short time with my friend’s puppy and how the puppy quickly excelled.
  • How to take daily action to have fun and teach your puppy or dog great skills.
  • Journalling can be fun and quick so give it a go.
  • The journal stickers and bundle of free goodies I have for you and your dog -


  1. Get your free Stickers Template, Hand Target Training Video and PDF eBook Lesson Plan -
  2. Watch this Episode of Shaped by Dog on YouTube