When is the right time to start agility training with your puppy? That's a popular question I receive, and I'm sure other world champions also get asked!  So, to answer, I’m covering everything you need to know about starting agility with a puppy, including the most important factor, and when and how I begin training. Even if you don't do agility, what I'm sharing can apply to a wide range of activities we enjoy with dogs, including being amazing members of our family.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • When to consider starting agility training with your puppy, beyond growth plates.
  • The factors I consider before starting a puppy in agility.
  • How to create success, safely and fun for agility puppies.
  • About the physical and mental readiness needed for agility obstacles.
  • The four R’s - Relationship, Recalls, Retrieve, Reinforcement Zone.
  • What’s important about agility handling, verbal cues and discriminations.
  • How to use jump grids and fitness exercises to prepare your puppy.
  • My personal experiences with my own agility dogs as puppies.
  • Why I love forest fitness for a puppy's development.
  • How to manage the intensity and frequency of agility training for puppies.

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