Have you ever been in a dog training situation and felt you are in the wrong place as your dog is not responding like other dogs? Or have you ever thought that your dog is not like other dogs? It could be in a dog training class, a workshop or an online course, and you see other people training and think your dog doesn’t compare. You are not alone, and it’s why I often say to my students, “train the dog in front of you” and “meet your dog where they’re at” so that you and your dog can be a confident team.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What I witnessed happen to a Jack Russell Terrier in group stays at a dog obedience class.
  • Why we need to believe what our dogs are telling us.
  • How to use the 5C Pyramid to protect and grow confidence for you and your dog.
  • Tips on how to know if a dog is ready for challenge.
  • That your dog not doing what other dogs do does not make your dog bad or you less of a trainer.
  • Why our dog’s issues are opportunities to grow a deeper connection with them.
  • How to understand what the dog in front of you needs right now.
  • What I did with my dog Buzz at agility class when he was young and overexcited.
  • Why we can set goals, but our dogs set the pace of their training.