Is your puppy or dog so overexcited, frantic, frenzied, or over-aroused they can't seem to listen or think? You can help by training your dog to both hold and do one behavior. Your dog understanding one behavior will ensure they can respond around triggers and distractions. We're covering the training steps for your dog to be able to listen to you even when overexcited.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why to never let anyone limit or label you or your dog.
  • How overexcited dogs are working from their back brain.
  • Why we need to train our dogs to both hold and do behaviors.
  • The steps to get one behaviour great using a sit as the example.
  • Why to add tiny layers of excitement for your dog when training.
  • How to easily train your dog in at least 10 different locations.
  • Why to note down all of your dog's triggers.
  • The reason your dog will benefit from desensitization around the house.
  • About the layers that will help your dog think and listen anywhere.