I’m sharing games to help improve your dog’s loose leash walking that will help turn your dog’s focus to you when there are distractions ahead. It starts easily at home with Perch Work, and you can transition to walking in the real world using the simple tips. Remember to celebrate your progress with your dog!

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How to grow the foundations of Perch Work for walks with your dog.
  • Games to improve your loose leash walking.
  • The importance of Reinforcement Zone (RZ) for your dog.
  • How to use pivots for walking on leash when there are distractions ahead.
  • Why to be aware of steak throwers in the city.
  • How to do turns toward your dog and turns away from your dog.
  • The easy way to have your dog change direction on walks.
  • How to transition from the perch to walking with your dog.
  • About transferring value to loose leash walking.
  • How you walking backwards builds value for your dog to stay with you.
  • Why I teach my puppies and dogs to tug on a leash.
  • The reason to play ItsYerChoice (IYC) with your lead.
  • Why not to be in a hurry and why to take on our one week walking challenge.